Amy Kremer is one of the founding mothers of the modern day tea party movement.  In early 2009, while organizing some of the very first tea parties in the country, she started a social networking site and named it Tea Party Patriots.  Shortly after, other people joined her efforts and one of the largest national tea party/grassroots organizations in the country was born, Tea Party Patriots.

After co-founding Tea Party Patriots, Amy joined Tea Party Express as the Director of Grassroots and Coalitions. She quickly became Chairman and worked to grow the organization into the most well known brand in the tea party movement. 

Under Amy’s leadership, Tea Party Express, a political action committee, became the voice of the tea party through engagement in the election process.  In January of 2010, Tea Party Express spent approximately $400K on independent expenditures in Massachusetts for Scott Brown.  For the first time, activists realized the role they could play in elections outside of their own districts and states through donations, phone banking and social media. This was a game changer for the movement. 

During the 2010 election cycle, in addition to Scott Brown’s historic victory in the Massachusetts Senate race, Kremer played a major role in several key elections.  From victories for Sharron Angle for Senate in Nevada, Mike Lee for Senate in Utah, Joe Miller for Senate in Alaska and Christine O’Donnell for Senate in Delaware. 

Kremer and the Tea Party Express would also play critical roles in defeating Arlen Specter’s bid for re-election to the U.S. Senate in Pennsylvania, and Bart Stupak’s bid for re-election to Congress in Michigan – after Congressman Stupak sold out and voted for Obama’s government-run healthcare scheme. 

In October 2009, Amy was awarded the Shining Scalpel Award by the Association of American Physicians and Surgeons. This award has only been awarded three times in the 66-year history of AAPS. The award was given to honor outstanding service to the American people and to the profession of medicine by mobilizing the Tea Party movement, and organizing public town hall meetings to “cut” through the political rhetoric on “health care reform.” Amy was given this award because her leadership helped to “shine a light” so that patients can make informed political choices.

Kremer considers herself a true Southern Belle. She was born and raised in Atlanta, Georgia and attended Auburn University. She is a former Delta Airlines flight attendant and has traveled all over the world.  Before flying, Amy had a successful career in real estate in the Atlanta market.

While tea parties and political activism have consumed Amy's life for the past 7 years, she still enjoys traveling, cooking, gardening, wine, and antiquing in her spare time. Amy is your average Mom that loves her country and wants her child to have what she has always had. She will continue to work tirelessly in an effort to protect the documents and freedoms upon which America was founded. Amy resides in Atlanta with her family, including two chocolate labs and one teacup maltipoo.