Republicans, it is time to man up and stop Obama's executive amnesty

On Thursday night, President Obama announced executive amnesty, essentially flipping the bird to the American people while pandering to his radical progressive base and adding more people to the democratic voter rolls.  It is clearly evident that this action was taken for political reasons and not because of compassion and concern for people, both Americans and immigrants.  While Obama and his liberal elite cohorts like Jonathan Gruber may think the American people are stupid, they are not.

President Obama said himself that his policies were on the ballot in the midterm elections and the American people overwhelmingly rejected him and his policies. Republicans won in huge numbers, not because they had better policies, but because the American people want to put a stop to Obama's executive overreach and imperial presidency.

It is true that President Obama could have reformed the immigration system during his first two years in office when he had super majorities in both chambers, but he didn’t.  He could have taken this action anytime over the past 6 years or the past month, but he didn’t.  President Obama has said himself he doesn't have the constitutional authority to take these sweeping actions. 

Now, just weeks before becoming irrelevant as a lame duck President, he does a complete reversal.  We have seen this before with foreign policy, GITMO, same sex marriage, lobbyists in his administration, multiple Obamacare policy reversals and more.  This is nothing more than a political move to make a lame duck President relevant and trying to make good on broken promises.

This President has proven time and again that if he can't get something through the legislative process, he will use the regulatory process and if that doesn't work, he will do an all out power grab through executive actions.  Well, it's time for the lawlessness to stop.

Now it is incumbent upon the Republican controlled Congress to do the difficult work of the American people and stop Obama's numerous power grabs with any tools they have in their toolbox.  Now is not a time for playing footsie under the table or any closed-door back room deals.  We are a nation of laws.  It’s time the Congress uphold them and the President abide by them.

The people are tired of the shenanigans on both sides of the aisle.  Democrats and Republicans both want principled politicians and that has been proven with Arlen Specter and Charlie Crist. No more of the tactics of Harry Reid and Barack Obama. 

In addition to stopping the lawlessness of this administration, it is time to lead and govern as the American people have called up on you to do.  That means being proactive on policies too. 

While jobs, the economy and Obamacare are first on the agenda, put immigration at the top too. Republicans should put an immigration bill on the President’s golf cart desk within the first 6 months of the new congress.  If you can’t find him on the golf course, find him on the campaign trail, but give him what he wants, an immigration bill.  Start with border security and go from there.  It is time for you to show the American people you are not just about party politics, but actually willing to do the hard work of legislating.

The President has said he is taking these actions because Congress has not acted.  So act, then let him act.  Actions speak louder than words.  At that time, when Harry Reid is no longer the gatekeeper protecting the President, we will really see what this President is made of…compassion or politics?

The Republicans were elected to stop the lawlessness and restore constitutional order with the checks and balances our forefathers gave us.  They were also put in power to legislate. 

Republicans, it won't be easy, but if you grow a spine and get some cajones, you can do exactly what you were sent to do.  So Republican Leadership, man up. Stand with the conservatives and represent the American people.  We have had enough.